Marketing Might – € 350

If you want as much success abroad as on home soil, then your cross-cultural marketing campaigns need to have as much power, as much magnetic pull, as they do in your native tongue. And it’s not just about the words, it’s about the meaning – you’ve got to get the message right.

If you’re ready to promote far and wide, or are all set for a big product or service launch, then this package is for you.

What you get*:

  • 1 x advertising copy OR press release
  • 1 x direct mail piece
  • 1 x flyer
  • 1 x sales presentation

*up to 2,500 words in total, any additional word will be charged on a per word basis

Ready to make a push for a bigger slice of the market? Let’s do it.

Haven’t found quite what you’re looking for?

Not a problem. I can create an À la carte offering out of any of the elements above, so email me with your needs and I’ll create a bespoke package for you.