Time is short. Budgets are tight. But quality – is non-negotiable.

Tall order?

Not in the slightest.

Whether you’re a manager with looming deadlines and a budget to stick to or you’re a start-up owner with limited liquid assets to play with – you are under pressure to deliver. To deliver an experience of your brand that is mesmerising, polished and consistent – but through the filter of another language and another culture (eek!). But I’m here to make your life easier (and your financial controller less grumpy). Which is why I created the three packages below – so you can rest assured that you can deliver that grand entrance into new markets on time, on budget and without any cringe-worthy cultural faux pas.

Our packages

Web 2.0 – € 590 Suit and Tie – € 750 Marketing Might – € 350

Plus, in addition to all the services above, I can rustle up translation packages that include:

Plus, in addition to all the services above, I can rustle up translation packages that include: – Product descriptions/packaging or service descriptions: You’ve got lots of products to translate? To make the translations of your products more effective and less expensive, we are offering you volume discounts (limits apply): Pay-as-you-go plan: 40 euros per product and per language Volume discounts: • 0-19 products: 40* euros per product • 20-49 products: 35* euros per product • 50 products and more: 30* euros per product *max. 250 words per product

Speak to your Customers

Ok. Now that you’ve translated your website, what if people contact you in a language you don’t understand? To help you respond to your customers’ queries in a foreign language (French, German, English, Spanish and Italian), we offer reasonably-priced translation of your correspondence with your prospects using a credit system. What’s a credit? Credits are our own currency. We convert currency into credits and you use your credits whenever you need a translation.

(1 credit = 100 words)

Credits cost less when you purchase in larger quantities. Pay-as-you-go plan: 1 credit = 15 euros Subscription plan: 10 credits = 120 euros (12 euros per credit) 20 credits = 200 euros (10 euros per credit) 50 credits = 400 euros (8 euros per credit) – Customer satisfaction surveys (priced on a per word basis) – Proofreading or editing already translated texts (price will be according to the quality of the existing translation)