Web 2.0 – € 590

You’ve made the big, all-important, life-changing decision to go global. It’s fresh, the excitement is still high and you want to get the word out ASAP. The first step? An internet presence that tells your future foreign prospects that your business, and its services and products, will be coming to their shores soon.

Please dont become a Google Translate statistic. Its heartbreaking the number of times I have witnessed companies that have a pristine and beautifully presented English website cut corners and use this (or another) free service which ends up creating pages that are clunky and too literal at best, and incomprehensible at worst!

So if you want immediate, comprehensible visibility, then this package is for you.

What you get*:

  • Up to four website pages translated (into one language)


  • Up to four social media pages translated

Any additional pages at € 150 per page**.

*up to 4,000 words in total, any additional word will be charged on a per word basis
**up to 1,000 words, any additional word will be charged on a per word basis

Email me now and you can have a global presence within the week.

(And when those foreign language queries come rolling in – I’ve got you covered there too. Ask me about my Speak to your Customers add-on service.)